Mathew J. BevanTherapist: Mathew J. Bevan


I am on a mission to help and support clients to achieve effective and sustainable resolution of a wide range of issues. It excites me to be able to help you reach your potential, no matter what your circumstances.

It is important  for me to make a difference in this world. My compassionate, intuitive nature allows me to be your healing guide and together we create a comfortable, private, safe space both physically and mentally. This not only provides focus for you but also allows you to better understanding of your problems and empowers you by providing you the mental tools to heal.

Together we create a comfortable, private, safe space both physically and mentally within which to work. This not only provides focus for my clients but also allows them to discover enthusiasm for themselves, understanding of their problems and empowerment by providing them with mental tools for them to heal and to move past their issues into a brighter more positive future.

I am no stranger to tragedy, losing my wife of 7 years to Meningitis (ironically less than 24 hours after a film crew had filmed a ‘love story’ documentary.) Like so many others, this event took its toll and I slipped into a severe depression. Not being able to see a way out, I had a revelation. It dawned on me that I had control of one thing, myself.

Changing the way in which I perceived the world I knew that things just had to get better eventually –  I saw a new future, and over time that future became a reality.

Understanding the mechanism of healing

It was the insight from this experience, the emotional suffering and the subsequent climb out of the darkness of my mind that gave me an even stronger empathy for others.

You can drag the past into the future with you, or you choose a new future.

I noticed that the things I had told myself worked on other people too. The shift in their thinking enabled them to take whole new perspectives and see things clearly, perhaps for the first time.

Rather than look at my own experience as negative, I can now see clearly that it was just another experience in my life and one which has enabled me to help many people along the way, some might even say it was positive.


I have trained in NLP with Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and Michael Breen.

I did my hypnotherapy training at one of the UK’s premier schools, where I was able to learn cutting edge core techniques.

As a member of the professional bodies listed below, I am bound by a strict Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Trusting your choice in therapist

When selecting a hypnotherapist please ensure that they are a member of an appropriate professional body and have an appropriate qualification such as the Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma (HPD) which is the current de-facto standard.

I hold the following qualifications and memberships.

Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
National Council for Hypnotherapy
Solution Focused Brief Therapist