How many times do you need to diet before you realise they are not effective?

By reducing anxiety,  increasing confidence & managing your cravings enables you to change the relationship you have with food and more importantly also with yourself.

There is no need to lecuture you about which foods are good and bad for you – as a traditional dieter you will most likely be an expert in this area – the issue is not about the knowledge or lack thereof, the issue is more about which part of you is promoting this overeating behaviour and why. Combined with good dietary choices and a deeper insight into the mechanisms of your mind and body you can tame the beast which runs riot in the pantry and once and for all begin the process of creating the body which you deserve.

Hypnotic Gastric Banding and why we choose not to do it..

We receive many enquiries from people interested in this procedure due to media interest and reported success stories.

We do not however perform this procedure with our clients for several reasons, mainly because we feel that weight loss without physical intervention does not come with a magic cure-all solution.. It is not something that can be ‘done to you’ it is a process you learn and grow with.. reducing your waist size whilst expanding your life choices.

The hypnotic band unlike the real band is actually a form of self-disempowerment. Imagine that you are able to put all of your faith in a band which after all is only created by your mind… where does that leave you if the band ‘fails’.. where is there to go after that?

Wouldn’t it be much more worthwhile and longer lasting to deconstruct the causes of overeating in the first place, replacing them with powerful self control, self worth and general happiness? We are not a problem focused practice – we focus on solutions and the magical ability that the brain has to get you exactly what you focus on.. focus on food – you become obsessive about it… focus on happiness, relaxation, reducing anxiety, changing habitual patterns and you free yourself to be the person that you are when you no longer have to think about weight control.

It is hard to know exactly how many sessions will be required due to weight loss being an individual experience but the amount of treatment is decided by you.. Our job is to help get you back to where you need to be and without us as soon as possible, its why we also refer to it as Brief Therapy.

The first part of session one is for us both to feel comfortable to work together, and for us to explain what exactly you can expect to happen. Provided you are happy to be helped, we can begin to create completely new patterns of behaviour right there from session one.