It’s killing you, but it is also fulfilling an emotional need.

Smoking fulfills one a need, and each persons need from smoking is different.

If you are going through a difficult, emotional time then giving up can be extremely difficult as you are fighting that need it is providing.
Come for smoking help when things are running smoother in your life and you just want to quit.

A study concluded that hypnotherapy is the most effective way of giving up smoking.

The study reported a wide range of success rates, which have been are summarised as follow:

6% - Willpower alone
9% - Self Help (books/mail order advice)
10% - Nicotine Replacement Therapy
24% - Acupuncture
60% - Single session Hypnosis
Source: The New Scientist (vol. 136, Issue 1845, 31 October 1992)

The study was the largest ever scientific comparison of the ways of giving up smoking combining the results of more than 600 studies covering almost 72,000 smokers

You already know the smoking is bad for you

  • You know that smoking causes cancer, heart disease and bronchitis.
  • You know that smoking causes infertility, impotence and erectile dysfunction.
  • You already know that non-smokers find smoke unpleasant.
  • You know how you feel when your forced to smoke outside.
  • You already know that you will have more money as a result of stopping smoking.
  • You may even know that in the time it takes you take to read this section that two people in the UK will die as a direct result of having smoked.

But what you probably don’t know

Is that, despite all this knowledge, its entirely natural for you not to be driven to give up.

Your smoking habit is not a conscious behaviour

…and so it cannot be controlled by conscious determination.

Of course you can try and be conscious of not smoking, but this is difficult to maintain for very long. The reason you smoke and the continuation of the habit are subconscious beliefs and behaviours.

The good news

Is that with a strong desire, you can give up without unnecessary effort or side-effects.
Hypnotherapy provides a context that can enable you to form fresh perspectives and understandings regarding the smoking habit and any links with stressful situations, social activities, and relationships.

That’s why it only takes one hypnotherapy session to stop.
As long as a genuine desire to be free of the habit exists, and you are not in emotional turmoil then hypnotherapy will help you do the rest.

This is a one-off double session lasting up to two hours.