Can’t Sleep, Won’t Sleep ?

Most everyone has had trouble sleeping at some point in our lives. Up to one-third of us complain about insomnia at any one time, and many of these complain that it is chronic. Some episodes of sleeplessness are transitory, owing to stress, jet-lag, or perhaps intrusive recurring thoughts.

Many people are unaware of the stimulus behind their insomnia.

Physical Effects

When these episodes of insomnia become a pattern, the physical effects start to take hold and can affect other parts of your life. There are several types of insomnia. For example, you may have difficulty getting to sleep in the first place, or you may sleep for a short while and then wake up, or sleep for a few hours and wake up very early and unable to get back to sleep.

Whichever type, hypnotherapy can be very effective in helping you get back to sleep. The therapy sessions will take into account your lifestyle habits and make suggestions for beneficial changes. The hypnotherapeutic strategy employs several practical tools to help you re-associate your bed with a good night’s sleep, and help deal with any causes of sleeplessness.

An audio CD is part of this therapy and within an extremely short space of time you will find yourself getting to sleep more easily, sleeping longer and waking more refreshed than you have in a long time.