The treatment is tailored to your circumstances…

A programme of therapy is designed according to your preferences, your personality and your needs. Treatment times are down to individuals, we are all unique and respond differently. For some change happens instantaneously. In our experience, we have found that people achieve positive changes around 2 to 6 (1hr) sessions.

…Take the first step now.

I would recommend a introductory consultation to discuss in detail what the programme will entail, what changes to expect, and to ensure that this is right for you. This will be unnecessary for anti-smoking therapy, which is straightforward and can be dealt with in just one double session.

Our current rates are:

  • £70
  • Inital Session
  • The important first step
    Private & Confidential
    Tailored Therapy
    Personal Audio Files
  • £45
  • Getting the real you back
  • Around 55mins
    Relaxing & Powerful
    Rapid progress
    Together we can win
  • £140
  • Stop Smoking: Feel Great
  • Around 2hrs
    Targetting the habit
    Banish cravings
    Gain confidence